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CCFP (SEM), DipSportMed (CASEM)

Dr. Sara Forsyth is a Sport & Exercise Medicine Physician at Footbridge Centre for Integrated Orthopaedic Care and Fraser Orthopaedic Institute. She is the Medical Consultant for Canadian Sport Institute: Pacific, Whistler Campus. 

She sees active individuals of all ages and abilities. Areas of special interest include high performance exercise medicine and nutrition, female athlete health, sports endocrinology, bone health, recurrent stress fractures, RED-S, health optimization through perimenopausal transition and andropause, overtraining/under recovery, endurance medicine, running and triathlete health.  

An accomplished triathlete herself, Sara has completed multiple marathons, Ironman and Half Ironman competitions.  

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Dr. Sara Forsyth earned her BSc (1998), MSc (2012) and MD (2002) from The University of British Columbia. Additionally, she has completed a 2 year Sport and Exercise Medicine Fellowship at Allan McGavin Sports Medicine Centre (2009) under Dr. Jack Taunton.  She holds a Diploma of Sport and Exercise Medicine (CASEM) and CCFP with Certificate of Added Competence in Sport and Exercise Medicine. 

Dr. Forsyth works with Professional, Varsity, Provincial and National level athletes in a variety of sports including track and field, cross country running, gymnastics, triathlon, cycling, Freestyle skiing.  She is currently with Swimming Canada, The Vancouver Warriors and the Canadian Women’s  National Volleyball team.  She is a consultant sport and exercise medicine physician for Canadian Sport Institute Pacific.

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