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Running Athletic Women


Registered Physical Therapist

As an endurance athlete herself who has participated in numerous ultra marathons, Karly understands the demands these endeavors have on the body. The majority of endurance athletes will experience some form of injury, at some point in their training and often more than one. While these injuries can sometimes occur from unfortunate accidents or biomechanical issues, there are usually other causes or contributing factors that take time to get to the bottom of and can make recovery and continued training frustrating. Karly is passionate about working with her clients to try and identify and address all potential factors that might be playing into an individual's injury. She aims to provide tools and resources on how to manage these, including load management strategies, exercise/movement re-education, hands on/manual work and collaborating with other professionals where required to address additional nutritional, hormonal and/or psychological factors. 


Karly owns and operates her own independent clinic, Twin Bridges Physiotherapy and Wellness located in North Vancouver, BC. When she is not in the clinic working with clients, she can often be found running, mountain biking or hiking the local trails, rock climbing in the sea to sky corridor.



C: 778-802-5049

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